[messengers] Ides of March Sat. March 12 East Coast Bike Polo Sun March 13

Date: 17 Feb 2011 03:37:02 +0100
From: keebler elf <callmecrackah@xxxxxxxxx>

> Message from Morgan and forgotten acount> Saturday March 12 is Ides of March 
>Sunday March 13 is East Coast Bike Polo>Richmond,Va> if your wanting a high 
>speed high turnout event MT is you<
If  your wanting Easy Like Sunday Morning> Ides of March is low mileage ride and 
some old Faces different places> Bugaboo <ReLOAD> Knog> La Carrera> Kultureva> 
have hooked up sponsorship>
  I look forward to seeing you here or there and if your old school needing a 
floor before you commit> you got one so get your ass up or down here!!