[messengers] 10th st.paulopoly

Date: 13 Mar 2011 16:31:57 +0100
From: "Kai Hawaii" <StoerteBiker@xxxxxx>

the best timing 
is to leave
when you´re on the top

i don´t know where you´ve been
but i was close to

stressfull days
but i know why 

so many beautiful people
dekades of messengers

cycling home this morning
after that weekend -what a pleasure

the two nights of racing
the last night in the hafenklang

meier, martina and mirco
thanx so much for this `we danced our ass off`entertainment

you should have seen my smile
it was so light this morning
and hard to ride inline

dankje well- jan(cheffe), jens, ercan,VK, hannes, all cool people setting this up
the checkpoints - wow   (steffa!schulte!!kerstin!!USP!!usw)

ok, i´m still drunken, but i´m a bit proud
and really happy
and i have to watch soccer in the stadiom now
thanx to marco. fish, till, juur, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,..........



st.paulopoly 2001-2011


(sorry for my bad english, but i think you´re jused to it
and, hey, i had so much fun, i give a shit, see mysmile!
to be continued.in a way)

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