Re: [messengers] 10th st.paulopoly

Date: 14 Mar 2011 16:55:45 +0100
From: stefan vis <fishmeisterasd@xxxxxxxxx>

thanks all off the 10 year steady crew in st.pauli and beyond. it must have
been the biggest alleycat ever, at least for europe, 230+ riders.. ignoring
all traffic except racers, it was great. can you imagine...

shouldnt and wouldnt miss it for the world, but we know we understand why
some very much missed people couldnt or didnt come.

for me it was very special, a very double but special race.

thanks luka, ercan, kai, jens, jan, izzy, marco, billy, and af course lost
and found riina...

 from a broke ber-dammer... will be back!!!

2011/3/13 Kai Hawaii <StoerteBiker@xxxxxx>

> the best timing
> is to leave
> when you´re on the top
> i don´t know where you´ve been
> but i was close to
> stressfull days
> but i know why
> so many beautiful people
> dekades of messengers
> cycling home this morning
> after that weekend -what a pleasure
> the two nights of racing
> the last night in the hafenklang
> meier, martina and mirco
> thanx so much for this `we danced our ass off`entertainment
> wonderfull
> you should have seen my smile
> it was so light this morning
> and hard to ride inline
> hey
> dankje well- jan(cheffe), jens, ercan,VK, hannes, all cool people setting
> this up
> the checkpoints - wow   (steffa!schulte!!kerstin!!USP!!usw)
> ok, i´m still drunken, but i´m a bit proud
> and really happy
> and i have to watch soccer in the stadiom now
> so
> thanx to marco. fish, till, juur, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,..........
> cool
> yeahh
> st.paulopoly 2001-2011
> r.i.p.
> kai
> #36hawaii
> (sorry for my bad english, but i think you´re jused to it
> and, hey, i had so much fun, i give a shit, see mysmile!
> to be a way)
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