[messengers] CMWC Guatemala final numbers

Date: 15 Mar 2011 03:03:04 +0100
From: "Andy" <az@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello all,

I must apologize for taking so long to get back to the list with the financial information we promised some time ago. Life has a way of getting in the way of living sometimes, and combing through our numbers proved to be more work and more difficult that we envisioned.

We want to thank all those who sent us donations, especially Lane, Safa and the Melbourne BMA ($550+), Andy and Rich from the Minneapolis BMA ($800+), and Kao, T2Y, and the entire Tokyo BMA ($7,500+!). The Tokyo money came from the funds raised for them after their own CMWC, but as they had managed to recoup much of the losses on their own, they generously passed it along to us. Domo arigato!

Before I get in to any of the monetary specifics, I think it is important to say a few things. Firstly, the organizers of CMWC Guatemala wish we had done a better job balancing the budget, and we apologize for our initial, hasty comments about our overspending. We fully appreciate people's concerns about fiscal responsibility and know that this is a dangerous trend that must be broken if the CMWC tradition is to continue on. Having 2 back-to-back Championships that lost significant money may seem to point to a core problem with this event, but I feel that it is important to realize that the 2 events had hugely different circumstances and that it was just a coincidence that they happened in consecutive years. I cannot speak on behalf of the Japanese crew, but we all heard about the challenges they had, and the exorbitant costs of putting on a closed-course Championship in Tokyo. Our problems were also significant, but very different in nature. I also want to point out that tur
ning a profit on these races is the exception, not the rule. These things are done for the love, not the money.

CMWC Guatemala was more than just a race in the eyes of the organizers, especially Nadir, as well as for those who participated. This was the first time the CMWC was used as a vehicle to help out a local community, as well as the first time it was held in a developing nation and the first time it was held by people in a city that they did not live in. We did not have a BMA or local crew to support us, and we went to a city/country that had neither money nor industry to help finance us. Of course there were many, many people who stepped up and volunteered their time and energy, without whom the event would not have been possible, but to bring to life the dream-event we wanted, we handicapped ourselves in ways that no other Championship ever has (and in our opinion, probably should not in the future). It was a beautiful, amazing, one-of-a-kind event, and we are very proud and pleased to have gone through with it, but we think this is not the best way to organize a messenger Cha
mpionships. It is too difficult, too costly, and too risky to do it this way. It was very cool to try once, but we should be very careful and cautious if ever a similar bid proposal is made. 

In addition to the expenses we list below, there were many others we do not, most notably the money we collectively lost in missed income (Nadir and I both spent 2 months in Pana getting prepared before hand and cleaning up after wards), as well as certain living and travel expenses which normally wouldn't be needed. With that said, here are our basic numbers:

Our total income was: $73,466 USD. 

About $18,600 came in from sponsors, $17,500 came in from registration, $11,600 was raised through merchandise and beer sales, and $10,300 came from donations after the event ended.

Our total expenditures were: $85,904. 

$31,000 was spent on pre-race logistics and planning (including things like going to Pana to scout locations and asses weather damages). $15,600 was spent on personnel and workers (both before the event and during), and $11,000 was spent on La Ocho (which is arguably not an official CMWC expense, but we list it as such regardless).

That essentially leaves a debt of $12,438 on Nadir (aka La Carrera Cycles). This number was pretty much on par with what Nadir anticipated shouldering, and we feel is reasonable to consider as his shop's "sponsorship" of CMWC 2010.

We feel that at this point we have closed the books on CMWC Guatemala. We are happy with the numbers and would like to encourage everybody to look and plan forward to CMWC Warsaw and beyond!

If anybody wishes to sift through all of the particular details of our budget, we are posting it here: http://cmwcguatemala.com/files/cmwc2010_budget.xls , but be warned, it is a massive, all encompassing document that took us weeks to compile and make sense of! Good luck.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support.
See you in Warsaw!