[messengers] BIG THANKS from Tokyo, TKBMA

Date: 15 Mar 2011 04:02:32 +0100
From: KaO_kaoruNakamura <nakanaka.goo@xxxxxxx>

Konnichiwa! Nadir and All Friends in the world,

Nadir, DOMO-ARIGATO to your Help Call.
And DOMO-ARIGATO to all friend's kindness!!

Yes, we're facing to this serious situation.
Of course not OK in all japan, but we 'tokyo crews' are totally ok.

what we can do, what people need

First of all, we're trying to be calm.
And everyday, everytime, we're thinking and talking each other.
And we're spending MINIMUM life as much as we can.

So please wait little bit more to tell you our voices of helps.

Thank you soooo much.
We're so happy to have friends like all of you!

Peace with us and you too!!
Big Hugs and Smiles from TKBMA