[messengers] IDES of MARCH

Date: 15 Mar 2011 15:45:34 +0100
From: keebler elf <callmecrackah@xxxxxxxxx>

Saturday was a warm sunnny 65 degree day when Mr. Kevin Dillard rolled up 
at the pad:+)   All smiles as usual we hung out for awhile and chatted it up 
taking the course tour. This Ides of March race was designed to be Short & Fast 
with zero Skitch-a-Bitch and without Home team advantage> pre-course tour. Brad 
& Meredith showed up as Kevin and I returned from riding the course followed 
shortly by 1 and only checkpoint person Mike Gilbert:+)
So the jell-o shots are ready, the prizes are here and the Safety Meeting has 
commenced> isn't the race 
supposed to start right now?>> OOPS!!! Sorry Guys> So time to roll down to 
Kanawha Plaza and get
this party started>>  We arrive and Shawn Tunstall Jacob Gordon Coach (another) 
D.C. Mike Chad are standing there like>''you're late & your fired:+)  No worries 
>race details and Dolores & Bruce show to make race a go:+)  They roll and Brad 
Meredith and I start heading for checkopoint up hill:+)
Several blocks up we spot the guys rolling to 1st checkpoint( top parking deck 
6th & Main via Cafe Ole alley)  and Meredith cuts out and starts the chase> Go 
Girl!!> Brad & I roll along the empty breezy streets til we arrive at checkpoint 
Charlie> #7 S. Addison ped bridge< Knog Preen>  Chad rolls up for the Knog light 
etc preen followed by Shawn Jacob Bruce Coach & Mike> Shawn somewhat let down on 
the preen missed> needless to say they continued on as did we >back to finish 
which was going to be 7-11 but lines were cleaner to my house:+) Shawn Tunstall 
rolled in 1st followed by Mike-D.C. 1st out of towner and Fixed> and Bruce 
B.(D.C.) for 3rd>> Chad was 4th Jacob Gordon 5th Coach (D.C.) 6th & Last & DFL 
Meredith Begin:+)>  Now its Party Time:+)> But FIRST> THANK YOU TO SPONSORS WHO 
Capitol Hemp D.C. Hooked up Large Glass for top 3!!> Pibby's Bike & Skate gave 
the Love with T's Coozie's & Support Above & Beyond!! ''Thanks Chip''!!:+) 
Bagaboo CA & Under The Weather gave Hip Pouches ,Holsters, Pads , Straps and 
Canadian Love ''of course'':+)  R.E. Load contributed Straps Coozies Wallets,etc 
Kultureva Made Sure everyone who came and didn't had lighters and papier for 
Xtra Safety. Last but not least ws Knog who lit up the Departure Ride and gavc 
shirts hats lights and Love !! Thank You & ''YOU''Thank them ''Please''? By 
supporting these great and innovative companies and buying their products you 
help preserve the great Tradition of Alleycats 
and Togetherness for your Future and the next Generations:+)   til the NEXT> 
Stay Real or Get Real!?
Morgan > Keeping It Real <  Hafer>