[messengers] hosting CMC

Date: 20 Mar 2011 14:11:44 +0100
From: london courier emergency fund <londoncourieremergencyfund@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

There has been a bit of a discussion going on since yesterday about how many
times a city should host a championship,
as far as i know, there aren't any rules. A few cities have organized both
European/North American and World. Toronto has held  the CMWC twice and the
We are working on a bid for next's year European and London has hosted both
the world and european champioship already.
So should cities who have never hosted get priority? or should people decide
on the bid's merit when voting at the open forum?
It has also been argued that what's in the bid doesn't necessarily matters
but more who's got the loudest voice or the biggest crew.
What are your thoughts on that?

Stephanie "Papillon"