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Date: 20 Mar 2011 14:22:29 +0100
From: keebler elf <callmecrackah@xxxxxxxxx>

those axles are going to need repairs since delivering the evil.
I will correct you on your statements in Guateamala and the situation in Nyc 
when you 
already had a bartending gig at 2nd chance and told me all you had was $128 to 
pay me for those 7 days I covered for you the week before ECMC> You said in 
Guatemala that ''this was a co-op and I knew I was splitting coverage with 3 
Fucking Lie> you know I wouldn't waste my time on sharing your coverage> 2nd you 
had money
and work coming when you said you'd settle up and when work/clients came on 
you'd look out. What you did is hire Aaron who I've known since 98 in SF. You 
and I know whats up and you better know that I am getting the remainder of that 
weeks pay $600 plus $400 interest > you know better than to try and pay me $128 
for 7 days and so does EVERYONE else!!! be sure to look over your shoulder 
 shut!! You are a smart guy , I suggest you do some calculating on which is 
going to be best for your future plans and mine!!! You like the few who made 
similar mistake learned a painful but definite lesson. When you have provoked me 
into getting violent I will fucking give you Everything you gave me plus. This 
e-mail is the confirmation of why you become injured and out of work> b/c you 
betrayed friendship and trust that I showed you when you were in D.C.and looking 
for some INS on Nyc and getting work which I gave you and Dan both in nyc >  You 
are both true fucking scumbags  but lacking the physical toughness to back up 
your actions. Do some more blow and keep on smiling while you have teeth and 
respect left!!! If it costs me all that I have or will have I will certainly 
sacrifice it to have the pleasure of hearing your bones crack and you crying and 
begging for mercy you little Bitches!!! This was not intended for the Group but 
Samurai has been dragging my name through shit for some time after doing a hit 
run and hide on me in 09'!!! Those of you who know what I mean by REAL> well Dan 
& Josh are the farthest you can get from that!!! 
Those of you who went MUTE on my ass w/o explaination> Fuck You TOO > you aren't 
REAL couriers >you're a buncha office bitches and wannabees in courier costume 
who people have somehow overlooked or forgotten to ask ''how do you get to all 
these CMC's on U.S. courier pay''?  while your  head was buried up their ass 
hole!!!  I am not working courier because scumbags posing as friends and 320 on 
200 jobs doesn't pay rent in nyc>  and now Richmond = 7 couriers 4 companies and 
little will to change status quo<   not becuse I was broke and rather be office 
rat in courier clothes at courier races taking home courier prizes>  then laugh 
about no $$ factor for couriers still working<   I have a CODE and it doesn't 
change or dictate to what ANY of you think do or say>   that is what REAL is!!! 

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That is all.

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