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Date: 22 Mar 2011 16:36:13 +0100
From: * martin * <cphfxt@xxxxxxxx>

Visiting London is always a good time. So go on..

You are right there are no rules as to how many times and at what interval one city can host.
I dont think any city should have priority. If there is concensus at the open forum it will happen.
One could argue that bringing a lot of friends to the race is beneficial and a good way of getting 
people on board is a good party organized already, and stickers and free beer (unicorns?) all helps.
I like the fact that it is not up to us here on the interwebs to decide, but the people at the race, so 
it is ultimately the users who decide where it will go. A good indicator that someone had a good 
idea when coming up with this is that all the new championships there are springing up around the 
globe emulates us. Not saying that we invented the hot water just saying we emulated someone 
else that also had it going on.. and so on..
Make a bid. Talk to someone who did it before, especially if they say "dont do it". Pick that brain. 
Find out what you can to make a good race with a little bit of comfort for the organizers - like time 
to sleep? Eat?
Think hassle to fun ratio.
A flyer saying that you want to invite people to your city for the races is a nice reminder for the 
morning after that night when it all was a little blurry, and a handy place to write that phonenumber 
on and hey its the worlds best souvenir for the fridge. And it will have people talking about who 
and what city they go for. Some racers even consider who will be race captain although thats a 
select few. I do. NERD.


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Subject: [messengers] hosting CMC

There has been a bit of a discussion going on since yesterday about how many
times a city should host a championship,
as far as i know, there aren't any rules. A few cities have organized both
European/North American and World. Toronto has held  the CMWC twice and the
We are working on a bid for next's year European and London has hosted both
the world and european champioship already.
So should cities who have never hosted get priority? or should people decide
on the bid's merit when voting at the open forum?
It has also been argued that what's in the bid doesn't necessarily matters
but more who's got the loudest voice or the biggest crew.
What are your thoughts on that?

Stephanie "Papillon"
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