Re: [messengers] Enslavement by the state! Dirtcouver!

Date: 24 Mar 2011 22:21:02 +0100
From: eoin mcnulty-goodwin <eoinmcnultygoodwin@xxxxxxxxx>

i have a couple of questions on this matter and as i messenger in a city
where a license is required i'd be interested in your opinion. I've thought
about this on occasion over the years and there are obviously pros and cons
to it.
here in dublin the messengers working on the street,as they are the globe
over, are, to a very serious extentent, much understood and very
under-appreciated for the amount of hard graft that goes into their work. On
the one hand i feel that yes a license would be just another way for the
government to take more money from these very hard working push-bikers but
on the other hand i feel that if a license was needed to do this work it
would not be as easy for asshole courier companies to have such a fast
turnover of "staff", thus making their hard working messengers harder to
replace and maybe, just maybe, it would make the 'cycle messenger' (and here
i refer to somebody who doesn't see this as a bit of part-time summer work)
a little more valued than they currently are. As with every coin there are
two sides to this issue..............
i guess my questions for messengers, that are required to have a license,
out there are how much does your license cost?, and imagine your city where
every bum with a bike was, in the eyes of your company, a viable replacement
for you, is the cost of that license worth the extra job security??????
form a curious train of thought,


On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 8:11 PM, max biaggi <sunaltahusky@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The courier licencing system is enslavement by the state. The compulsion of
> the state to produce debt backet fiat dollars to obtain a licence to work is
> enslavement.  It and the helmet law are used together to tax(enslave)
> couirers with fines and fees.  If you have to work all day to make debt
> backed fiat dollars to pay a fine or fee to the state you are a slave to the
> state.  It also turns courier companies into police because they can be
> fined for employing unlicenced couriers.  More police more facism.
> Who would expect anything less from the big TO!
> finally following us early adopters out here on the Columbia Coast!
> Coach out
> Shitcouver
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