Re: [messengers] Toronto Bike courier story

Date: 28 Mar 2011 01:53:43 +0200
From: Greg Andrews <gregandrews@xxxxxxxxx>

Howdy, quick word a courier from Vancouver. Yes, bike couriers here
are required to have plates. Test costs $33, plate costs $18, then
annual renewal is $18 (IIRC). Test is 20 questions, you have to get 16
to pass, it's relatively easy and they provide a 6 page study guide

Annoyingly, tests can only be written on Wednesdays, from 9-4:30, at City Hall.

Actual enforcement of the plates seems quite low, couriers here seem
to get fined more for no helmet or no brakes more (largely due to cops
camping out along the new separated bike lanes). Don't recall exactly
but I think the fine for no plate is $200+.

Unless they're planning on charging much much more for registration,
it seems like a really poor way to raise money. Seems more effective
just as a way for cops to bully couriers and require them to carry ID.