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Date: 29 Mar 2011 13:51:04 +0200
From: Simon McKenzie <simonmck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

If anyone can get in there it's a courier surely
Just sayin :)

On 29/03/2011, at 10:14 PM, Joe Hendry wrote:

Mammoliti threatened after courier fee comment


Sun, March 29, 2011

Toronto Police are probing a threat made over the telephone
against outspoken Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti by a suspected bike courier who
allegedly vowed to “go after” the politician.

Mammoliti last week suggested that bicycle couriers should
pay licensing fees to help the city raise cash.

The councillor for York West (Ward 7) said he’s taking the
threat seriously and will be listening to the advice of police. He said it was
his worst threat in 20-years of public service.

City Hall insiders said two threats were made against
Mammoliti by a man last Saturday. It is suspected the threats were made by a
courier angry over Mammoliti’s call for an extra fee.

He said some of his colleagues want increased security at
City Hall due to major funding shortfall issues that have to be dealt with by
councillors that can include cutting city jobs and programs.

The threat comes as a confidential report on security at
City Hall and its civic centres is presented to a city’s government management
committee on Tuesday.

“I think things may get worst because we have to find ways
to cut almost $800 million from the budget,” Mammoliti said. “There will be
some tough decisions facing this administration in the next year.”

Committee chairman Paul Ainslie said the confidential report
being presented on Tuesday looks at possible security refinements at City Hall.

“We will be reviewing security and looking at ways of making
enhancements,” Ainslie said. “We already have provisions in place for the
second floor of City Hall and our civic centres.”

He said councillors have panic buttons hidden in their desks
which they can push to obtain help from security. Guests also have to sign a
visitor’s book before they can see a councillor.

Councillor Doug Holyday said he would like to see security
tweaked without residents being affected.

“I am in favour of making sure that people can’t come in and
just wander around,” Holyday said. “There has been more protests and activists
with this administration.”

Councillor Michael Thompson said he wants added security,
but added: “What we don’t want is Fortress
City Hall.”

He said there are some people who are upset with current
policies and may want to take it out on council members.

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