Re: [messengers] The Internets Dropped This In My Lap

Date: 1 Apr 2011 16:06:05 +0200
From: Joshua Weitzner <whitesnake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Sorry everybody. I guess the Travel channel doesn't like it when someone leaks their new baby on the internet.

Next time I'll rip it and host it myself. Meanwhile, here's my synopsis of the first episode:

Here are three messenger companies.

A really big one
A medium one
A really small one

The big one hires rookies that get lost. The medium one hires rookies that get lost. The little one stayed inside too long and had their wheels stolen.

meanwhile, Greg Ugalde is hilarious.

Oh yeah, and the rookies are scared of getting yelled at by their dispatchers.

The end.

I have absolutely no idea if this show will appeal to people that are not interested in bikes or messenger culture. As someone who been delivering fake packages for 11 years, I can't stomach some of the hype that the narrator assigns to the importance of everything (Important for GOOD TV). And some of it's just plainly not true.

As Greg squeaks in "It's not a liver for transplant, it's an envelope" (or something to that effect.)

I don't have cable television, and will likely be watching the season at the bar. It seems very well suited to sitting around with a bunch of old friends, and laughing hysterically as it is mocked mercilessly by those who know.

On Apr 1, 2011, at 1:05 AM, paulus palmqvist wrote:

"Sorry, *"Triple Rush 101 - Locked"* was deleted at 10:26:59 Thu Mar 31, 2011. We have no more information about it on our mainframe or elsewhere"

On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 4:46 PM, Joshua Weitzner <whitesnake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Before it hit the airwaves.

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