[messengers] Flashback to 2001 - Video footage from the Midwest Alleycat Jumpinships in Columbus, OH

Date: 10 Apr 2011 07:14:58 +0200
From: Tony Ionno <bikemessenger@xxxxxxxxxxx>


Year: 2001
Place: Columbus, Ohio
Event: The Midwest Alleycat Jumpinships

Many of you (or your cities) were represented here. Just off the top of my head NYC, Boston, D.C., Toronto, Minneapolis and Cleveland were present. There were other cities too. 

It's just a short film with the start, finish and a few other funny clips. 

Squid is represented. He and I collided during the race (I'm the still image) and he got a pretty nasty concussion. If you are wondering why he isn't saying much, it's because he couldn't even remember what happened.

Morgan from Boston took DFL after rolling into the finish two hours late and drunk.

Good times.