[messengers] Fwd: Nicco baby! Lets do lunch!

Date: 18 Apr 2011 05:36:22 +0200
From: Nick <likeanowl@xxxxxxxxx>

I know Austin, bro. And i know that it was sent to the list. It wasn't a cry to be noticed.

I am super bummed that you wasted your time writing that email. You could have at least spelled my nick name right.

Nick "Nikko" Dale

Begin forwarded message:

> From: max biaggi <sunaltahusky@xxxxxxxxx>
> Date: April 17, 2011 8:20:52 PM PDT
> To: nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Nicco baby!  Lets do lunch!

> triple rush is in the can already, "buddy can you spare a dime?"  Austin, Austin over here!  Notice me!  Notice me!  OH Oh Oh!  
> Do you know that everyone on the messenger list just got your email begging for a gig?
> triple rush is someone elses gig and its done already give it a rest!  The train has left the station, get it?
> take this sucker over to the moviemakers list please, over here we pedal.
> Later
> and if you are real mess then one day we will laugh in the bar