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Date: 24 Apr 2011 12:52:40 +0200
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there is another one to clog your mailboxes ;-)

Please note, that I consider it a design goal of this list to attract
members with mobile phones, members from third world countries or
members that match both groups (sometimes in the third world mobile is
the only option).

I think letting attached files through with more than 200 kilobytes is
of little use. But I give what help I can. There will be an alleycat
in Berlin, Germany and they have a flyer (800 kilobytes):

Should there be need for advice of how to post some links instead of
files, lots of people on the list (including me) can help out.

Ride safe, Norbert

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25!!!! if anyone´s in berlin on the next friday the 13th (look it
up),you are welcome. couriers race for free, all others pay 5 bux. 25
checkpoints,beer and dead cars. if anyone needs more info or u just
wanna harrass me then my number is 0049 30 685 2334 pdf document
attached, (its the poster!)