[messengers] 2011 ACMC Brisbane.

Date: 26 Apr 2011 07:22:32 +0200
From: Michael Dodd <mikeydodds@xxxxxxxxx>

The Australian Cycle Messenger Championships was held last weekend in

It was an unforgettable event. On behalf of the rest of the Australian
community we'd like to thank the Brisbane Massive for showing us a great

The Main race was held in a similar format to last years. We had 3 manifests
to complete.
- Manifest 1 was point to point but involved a manifest "A" and a manifest
"B" to split the competitors up.
- Manifest 2 was in any particular order.
- Manifest 3 was in any particular order but had deadlines and time
penalties those who chose the wrong route.
The ACMC main race has used this type of format for the last two years and
we thoroughly recommend it, the 1st manifest gives competitors a chance to
learn the course better and caters to the fastest riders, the 2nd and 3rd
manifests ensures the main race winner must be able to think independently,
choose the best route and of course be deadline savvy.

A tropical shower ensured the 1st half of the race was under water, this
combined with a couple of off road and slippery car park sections meant that
not many people kept their rubber side down, I'm not sure anyone finished
with thw 1st manifest in one legible piece. There was a lot of carnage, Lane
crashed so hard his pants fell off and the up and coming Australian champion
managed to take myself and his phone out  in spectacular, head on fashion.
As i took a corner around a coolibah tree a rider came sliding
uncontrollably towards me, i tried to take evasive action but it was too
slippery, my bike collected the up and coming champ and i went
cartwheeling/sliding over.  A minute or two later he recovered to finish
strongly. By the end of the race everyone was covered in mud and had smiles
from ear to ear.

For the 2nd year in a row we had an event called the "Quick lock" it is an
elimination event that involves
- As many places to lock your bikes as there are competitors (we do it 2
competitors at a time as the ACMC is normally a small event.)
- Lying your bikes on the ground, sprinting to your bike, locking it to a
pole and placing your hands on your head.
- The 1st person to lock their bike and place their hands on their head
This is a great side event and we also thoroughly recommend it.

At the end of the weekend there where two winners, they were both young guns
from Brisbane. Gypsy and Declan. As we all know the ACMC is like Highlander,
They chopped off Declans head and awarded the championships to Gypsy.

Nate from Brisbane won the track stand and foot down.
Sydney won team foot down (Kibasen).
Lane from Melbourne won the Skids.

Safa Brine had a shoulder injury so could not defend his Title for the
fourth year in a row.

ACMC 2012 will be held in Melbourne next Easter on Friday the 06th until the
9th of April.

Book your Holidays soon and i hope to see you there.