Re: [messengers] 2011 ACMC Brisbane.

Date: 28 Apr 2011 07:05:25 +0200
From: "Yogi @ SYDBMA" <yogi@xxxxxxxxxx>

Yep... was awesome. 

Had a great time.

Thanks BrisVegas. Next stop CMWC...


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Was an awesomesauce event. Cheers to Brisbane crew for all the hard work and
the goodtimes.
Just one thing though dodi> Pretty sure some jerk from Melburn named Lane
won the trackstands =P
Piece all and see ya's in Europe.

On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 3:22 PM, Michael Dodd <mikeydodds@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The Australian Cycle Messenger Championships was held last weekend in
> Brisbane.
> It was an unforgettable event. On behalf of the rest of the Australian
> community we'd like to thank the Brisbane Massive for showing us a great
> time.
> The Main race was held in a similar format to last years. We had 3
> manifests
> to complete.
> - Manifest 1 was point to point but involved a manifest "A" and a manifest
> "B" to split the competitors up.
> - Manifest 2 was in any particular order.
> - Manifest 3 was in any particular order but had deadlines and time
> penalties those who chose the wrong route.
> The ACMC main race has used this type of format for the last two years and
> we thoroughly recommend it, the 1st manifest gives competitors a chance to
> learn the course better and caters to the fastest riders, the 2nd and 3rd
> manifests ensures the main race winner must be able to think
> choose the best route and of course be deadline savvy.
> A tropical shower ensured the 1st half of the race was under water, this
> combined with a couple of off road and slippery car park sections meant
> that
> not many people kept their rubber side down, I'm not sure anyone finished
> with thw 1st manifest in one legible piece. There was a lot of carnage,
> Lane
> crashed so hard his pants fell off and the up and coming Australian
> champion
> managed to take myself and his phone out  in spectacular, head on fashion.
> As i took a corner around a coolibah tree a rider came sliding
> uncontrollably towards me, i tried to take evasive action but it was too
> slippery, my bike collected the up and coming champ and i went
> cartwheeling/sliding over.  A minute or two later he recovered to finish
> strongly. By the end of the race everyone was covered in mud and had
> from ear to ear.
> For the 2nd year in a row we had an event called the "Quick lock" it is an
> elimination event that involves
> - As many places to lock your bikes as there are competitors (we do it 2
> competitors at a time as the ACMC is normally a small event.)
> - Lying your bikes on the ground, sprinting to your bike, locking it to a
> pole and placing your hands on your head.
> - The 1st person to lock their bike and place their hands on their head
> wins.
> This is a great side event and we also thoroughly recommend it.
> At the end of the weekend there where two winners, they were both young
> guns
> from Brisbane. Gypsy and Declan. As we all know the ACMC is like
> Highlander,
> They chopped off Declans head and awarded the championships to Gypsy.
> Nate from Brisbane won the track stand and foot down.
> Sydney won team foot down (Kibasen).
> Lane from Melbourne won the Skids.
> Safa Brine had a shoulder injury so could not defend his Title for the
> fourth year in a row.
> ACMC 2012 will be held in Melbourne next Easter on Friday the 06th until
> the
> 9th of April.
> Book your Holidays soon and i hope to see you there.
> Doddsy.
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