[messengers] Memorial Today

Date: 6 May 2011 12:14:15 +0200
From: Wheels of Vengeance <metropoloco@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Memorial ride for Carl and Joe is today, check the details here: 

Also, Thanks to Kurt Boone for this poem:
"The Last Ride"         by Kurt Boone I have seen the bicycle messenger ridein and out of traffic in New York City. I have seen the bicycle messengerdie on his last ride. Maybe the boozeMaybe the wrong turnMaybe no helmetor just maybe no brakes. Life is precious for goodness sake. I remember JoeI remember Bronx JonI remember Carl Hedrickand I remember Peru We are all messengers.For big business know our name. A week before my book party andJoe's last ride.  He said to me I hopeyour book brings respect to the messenger life. Tears are pouring down my eyesas I write this poem on theF train ride home. Rest In Peace My Brothers. Though the money ain't rightI am a courier for life.

Ride Safe Everybody and Hope to See You Soon-