[messengers] Global Gutz getting closer!

Date: 9 May 2011 15:32:14 +0200
From: Mikael Szafirowski <mikael.szafirowski@xxxxxxxxx>

Time to get the show on the road for the eleventh time! Special rules for this year are that there is only one time-zone for the all the racers and that the participating cities will take care of their own prizes. There will be another page with all the registered cities and whatever info you want to submit - like route-maps, poems, feelings of anticipation and boastings of breaking old records... As the race this year is purely about bragging rights and a community feeling, we'd like to make the whole event as well documented as possible, so do send pictures you take and any other media you can think of to info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

So, measure a route of 21km the shortest way with five checkpoints, grease your calves and you're good to go. This year the start and the finish has to be in the downtown area of your city, otherwise it's up to you. You can register you city also at info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The racetime is as follows: 11.6 24.00 Greenwich Time. That means for example for L.A. 4 pm - for New York 9 pm - (12.6) Helsinki 2 am - and Tokyo 9 am

I'm going to put up a gallery for all your flyers and videos and pics, and I hope to compile somekind of nice presentation for this years CMWC in Warsaw.

Take care,