[messengers] Messenger Down!

Date: 10 May 2011 09:12:24 +0200
From: Kenton Hoppas <kentonhoppas@xxxxxxxxx>

Kenton Here of Aloha Bicycle Courier.

A very few of you may know that I am currently releasing a film on my
perspective of being a messenger for the past 11 years in San Diego. And if
you have been a messenger for at least 2 weeks you know it's bigger than
just your home town you work in. Which brings me quickly to my point. My
inspiration James Adamson has broken his pelvis bone racing bikes. He's a 16
year veteran messenger that races bike afte working 9 hours a day delivering
packages. You can help by going to iTunes and purchasing:


100% of the sales in May go to helping James pay his medical bills and get
back on the road.

Live to Ride
Ride to live
Live to work
ride to work
work to.... oh what the heck,

Just help James!

Kenton Hoppas

MOVIE TRAILER <http://www.careercourierthemovie.com>