[messengers] CMWC2013 MEXICO DF

Date: 20 May 2011 23:49:40 +0200
From: joaquin sanchez <bicimensajeros@xxxxxxxxx>

those of you who went to guatemala for the worlds remember that Mexico city placed a bid to host the CMWC2012. i was there supporting the idea because i was then working in san cristobal, chiapas (mexico) ... i guess one of the reasons the bid didn't win was because there were no messengers from mexico city there and then (and also because chicago did a great job)... i'm now working in mexico city with bicimensajeros.org and we believe we can do it for 2013. what do you guys think? should i present our bid again in warsaw with our action plan? cheers

jo.aquin (ex paris' urban cycle, now http://bicimensajeros.org)