Re: [messengers] CMWC2013 MEXICO DF

Date: 23 May 2011 03:37:31 +0200
From: joaquin sanchez <joschz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

well, there's some sort of connection since i was in pana supporting the bid from jorge sequeiros (mexico fixed),
and now it's us, bicimensajerosDF. the idea of the CMWC in mexico city got stuck in my head and when i got here and saw the possibilities i decided it could be a reality. 
none of my colleagues here have ever been to a championship, and some of them didn't even know about it, and yeah, we need a lot of help (i'm counting on you Luk!) but i do believe we can do it. we'll start working on it this week, and if we do come up with a proper bid i'll be in warsaw (hopefully with some of my colleagues or at least with team australia) ready to fight for it. lucha libre style.

On May 22, 2011, at 6:59 PM, luk keller wrote:

> Ok ok ok
> A lot of folks (including myself) would like to see a CMWC happen in Mexico DF. But I'd like to point out that there isn't really a connection between the bid put in in Panajachel and the recent post from Joaquin. There is no "you guys put in a great bid in Guate" in this one.
> This time it is actually messengers interested in getting into the global connection. None of this people have ever been to a CMWC. There is a lot of homework to be done and a lot of assistance from the world wide community needed to give them the chance to put together a proper bid.
> If we have to choose if we wanna go to Bruchsal or Mexico City for a CMWC... I guess people will vote for Mexico City no matter what. But if Bruchsal has a proper bid and Mexico City just an appealing taste of adventure at least I will feel obligated to vote for Bruchsal.
> My2cents
> Luk
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>> Date: Fri, 20 May 2011 22:44:55 -0400
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>> Yes!!! Do it! It would be phenomenal to go to mexico city! And you guys put in a great bid in Guate also. It was a rely close vote. I say "yes!" to mexico city 2013. 
>> ....provided the rapture doesn't take us all tomorrow. 
>> My two cents. 
>> On 2011-05-20, at 5:49 PM, joaquin sanchez <bicimensajeros@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> those of you who went to guatemala for the worlds remember that Mexico city placed a bid to host the CMWC2012. i was there supporting the idea because i was then working in san cristobal, chiapas (mexico) ... i guess one of the reasons the bid didn't win was because there were no messengers from mexico city there and then (and also because chicago did a great job)... i'm now working in mexico city with and we believe we can do it for 2013. what do you guys think? should i present our bid again in warsaw with our action plan? cheers
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