Re: [messengers] La Carrera cycles in Mexico city and CMWC 2013 Mexico bid

Date: 24 May 2011 19:32:45 +0200
From: joaquin sanchez <joschz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On May 23, 2011, at 9:59 AM, nadir olivet wrote:

> Wow
> I thought that I had placed the bid in Guatemala for Mexico. Jorge (Mexico Fix) steeped in because we were running late for the opening forum. Because, the Tokyo crew were donating  food to the evacuted people during the Mudslides. But it was me and my OG messenger crew that placed the bid. I  also believe that we set up the first alley cat In Mexico and through out Latin America from Tierra del Fuego to DF. Nobody in DF even knew what a Alley cat race was. This is cool that there is a crew now in DF. want to continue with the bid.  I wish you guys luck with your endeavor. It was an amazing opportunity and experience. Like going to the dentist!!!
> I am opening La Carrera cycles 102 in DF. Mexico city this November I hope that you all will come to my opening party. I will make sure there is allot of tequila. Going to show Mexico how La Carrera those it Chapin style!!!!!
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