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Date: 7 Jul 2011 15:54:47 +0200
From: Mark Hayward <hayward_mw71@xxxxxxxx>

Hey,  you should try and get intouch with couriers in Calgary and Vancouver.  They have licensing in both those cities.  I have heard it is more lip service in Calgary than in Vancouver.  In Vancouver at one point I know that messengers were being fined often and at that some would accumulate enough fines that they would arrest them messengers for not paying the fines.  In both cities I think they still have to put a small plate on the back of thier seatposts.
Recently a councilor brought up the idea of licensing messengers here again.  I know from someone who worked for the city the reason their is no licensing in Toronto is because the expense of administering the licenses would not be cost affective and their is also no will on the part of the police to enforce it.

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Hello everyone,
I'm in the process of writing a short paper on the problems with enforcing the licensing of bike messengers. Supposedly another council member here in Philly is toying with the idea again. This time we should be even more ready then last time.  Any articles, reports, anecdotes  would be helpful. 
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