[messengers] Naked Courier Calendar project

Date: 13 Jul 2011 23:39:27 +0200
From: london courier emergency fund <londoncourieremergencyfund@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

*Who wants to take part in a Europe-wide Naked Courier Calendar project?? We
have 7 cities so far......*

*"*Greeting from London*,*

the London Courier Emergency Fund, which raises fund for injured couriers,
designed and printed a naked courier calendar last year to raise cash for
the fund. We printed 250 copies, sold them within a month and raised about
£2000 (over 2200 euros).
It was hard work but lots of fun and very popular with our fellow couriers,
friends and family so we would like to print another one this year but make
it a european version, where cities all around Europe would send us one
picture representing their city and their courier community. I have already
spoken to a few people last weekend in Madrid at the ECMC and few cities are
interested in taking part.

All pictures must be at professional standard and if possible not include
too many riders (so no group shot please)...we would like to carry on with
the naked theme but as this is not a porn calendar, put nipples and genitals
away..we want to be able to sell it to the wider public.
If there are more than 12 cities wanting to take part then we will have some
sort of selection and choose the best 12 pictures, i also want to stress
that if your picture is not to standard, we will
not accept it. All pictures in our previous calendar were taken by couriers
who are also professional photographers and the calendar itself was designed
and put together by a friend  who used to be a courier and is now a graphic

Once you have sent us your picture, we will sort out designing and printing
as well as despatching (hopefully we can get a special deal through a London
courier company).
We managed to find sponsors to cover most of the cost of printing last year
but as we will have to print around 1000 calendars for this edition, it
would be greatly appreciated if all participating cities bring a  cash
sponsor (courier company, bike shop or other) to the project. All sponsors
and their logo will be included in the calendar.
Depending on the wholesale cost of printing, we will either give a free
calendar to each participant or sell it at cost price...other calendars will
be sold at £10 or less depending on the amount ordered.

The proceeds from the sale of the calendar will be split between the London
Courier Emergency Fund, the Warsaw Fund and some of it will go towards the
organisation of ECMC 2012 in Edinburgh.
The deadline to send us your pictures is the end of September so we'll have
plety of time to work on the calendar and ideally one person in each city
would be in touch with us to make exchange and communication easier.
If you are interested in taking part, get in touch and we'll give all
necessary details regarding pictures sizing, files and all that.
Please, give us a rough idea of what your picture will be so we can make
sure no 2 cities have the same idea and we want some GIRLS, i know some
cities don't have many girls on the road but if you have any, get them to
take their clothes off ;-)...

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, get in touch......and see
you all in Warsaw..." Stephanie "papillon"
Check our website: www.lcef.org.uk and our previous edition:* -