[messengers] results

Date: 1 Aug 2011 12:00:10 +0200
From: Shawn bega Blumenfeld <shawnbega@xxxxxxxxx>

im traveling now, and will be happy to look up the specifics for any
individual when i land this weekend. but i can tell you this: fish
designed into the race several places that encouraged racers to
"cheat" via cut throughs and other such things, and the walking zone
was for walking. the marshalls (those people standing in the rain
under the tree on the side of the illegal cut-through road that wasnt
on your map werent just smoking weed all day - they could have gone
under the bridge for that) were extremely diligent, refusing to
abandon their posts in a pretty bad thunderstorm and no tents like we
had at comfortable dispatch, and turned in penalties sometimes ranging
from 5 to 6 times per rider to as many as 35 times from one rider. as
late as 8pm, i was still reading the emails from organizers and
marshalls with their penalty lists.

but of course, i will be happy to investigate for any one of you as
soon as i am home. i do have the materials i need to truly
investigate, and if indeed if a mistake was made, the final results
will be updated.

we did  verify the top 10 by hand, and 10 others selected randomly, so
i have confidence in the system.

and to ks who still insists he did only 5 in qualifyin - its not my
fault that you cant count. i will mail you your 6 manifests that nico
made me pull out saturday night.

Shawn "bega" Blumenfeld
email: shawnbega@xxxxxxxxx
skype: shawn.bega