[messengers] final results

Date: 4 Aug 2011 12:45:41 +0200
From: Shawn bega Blumenfeld <shawnbega@xxxxxxxxx>

first, i want to clear something up. nico and kevin are good friends
of mine and each other, and nico was not in anyway trying to relegate
kevin or anything like that. nico and kevin were helping me saturday
night trying to confirm the accuracy or lack there of of the scoring,
and there was not a moment of ill will or anything else meant to
anyone, and no one was trying to relegate or make accusations towards
kevin at anytime. my comment was meant tongue in cheek, and should
have been kept as an inside joke between us 3. i am sorry.

there are many lessons from this years results process, and from those
ive been responsible for in the past. but i wont go into details now.
i take the results of the cmc's extremely seriously, and am willing to
go to great lengths to ensure the validity of the ones i have been
responsible for. i will be spending much time passing on my successes
and failures to chicago so they can take the reigns and pass it for
all future cmc's.

this years notes:

i screwed the printed out results sunday night for the lower placings,
and the original results posted on my website. the new results
published early tuesday morning are accurate. im really really sorry.
thank you all for your patience while i took the time to get it right.
this mistake is needless to say embarrassing for me, and i will gladly
take the heat from everyone who has to update their blogs.

joelle is the rightful 3rd place women. this was a mistake in
registration as she was listed as a man which she most certainly is
not. she got robbed of a chance on stage which sucks. if you see her,
please congratulate her and give her big high-five. thank you to a
gracious susi tornado whos place was taken.

zorro is the rightful 3rd place guerrilla. he turned in his bandito$
early because he had to leave, and they got lost at the dispatch
table. we didnt confirm this story and his total until thursday
morning. he got robbed of his name being mentioned on stage, though he
was already gone.  it is believed that the german mafia has gone into
hiding, and they had no comment on their place being bumped down.

andy duncan's placing in the uphill time trial has been updated. i
missed a decimal point, so it sorted wrong. a few other placings were
affected by a spot as a result. he still beat me up the hill in our
match, that didnt change.

at this time, i believe i have heard an investigated all comments, and
the results for the main race are finally done. for the record, this
is not technically the longest it is taken me. in copenhagen, we didnt
make the final update until 2 weeks later.  in contrast, guatemala was
done, though the website not pretty yet, within just a couple of hours
in the event.

again thank you all for your patience. i sincerely apologize for the
mistakes that were made. i really believe in ultimately getting it
right, and i am glad i was able to do so in the end.

final official results for the main race at http://www.dccourier.com/cmwc2011

Shawn "bega" Blumenfeld
email: shawnbega@xxxxxxxxx
skype: shawn.bega