Re: [messengers] CMWC 2013?

Date: 4 Aug 2011 13:52:27 +0200
From: Andy Zalan <zalandy@xxxxxxxxx>


although, technically, according to ifbma bylaws, there still has to be a
vote of confidence taken in chicago, where technically it could be voted
down resulting in no cmwc in 2013. but that of course won't happen, and to
me, highlights one of the flaws in the current system used to select cmwc
host cities. this topic has been brought up in the past , and discussed
briefly in warsaw, but no decision was taken. i'm pretty sure the system for
selecting the nacccs was changed so that while initial bids are still put in
2 years in advance, all bidding cities granted a vote of confidence have 1
year to do as much preparation as possible and are then expected to put in a
final bid the year beforehand, where a final vote is taken. it is very
important that the ifbma do a better job with next year's open forums. i
also believe they are looking for people to fill spots on the council. could
anyone confirm who is on the council now? thanks.

2011/8/4 Michael Dodd <mikeydodds@xxxxxxxxx>

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