Re: [messengers] CMWC 2013?

Date: 5 Aug 2011 15:37:09 +0200
From: luk keller <lukbrokenheart@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Andy, It's written LAUSANNE 

A big big big thank you to the fuckingpolishcrewDrazekMacaTomekFishBediGoofyStachoFrogTitusandwhoeverelseIforgottomentionandwhosenamesIdon'tremember.... you fuckin rock!!!!! 
How can you guys always be so mellow while throwing such monster events? Several soundsystems... stages... a million tents... a billion fences... there was always food beer cucumbers vodka ....where did you steal all this shit? Maybe it was even better organized than 2004... Only Wojtyla isn't the pope anymore and therefore the weather was shitty ....Thanks a million

The second open forum though was a disaster ...we can partially blame the weather for it. After this rough finals in pooring rain it seemed a bit inappropriate to hold the open forum right there on the race course (main stage) as it was scheduled....especially towards all racers checkpoint marshalls who had been completely socked for hours it would have been harsh. I guess that's why Austin announced that we would move it and have it right before the awards. A pretty impossible mission as it turned out. I would to thank Austin for hosting it as good as one possibly could under given circumstances. 
Somewhere in that chaos we voted the people who where on stage (as a whole) to be our council:

Steve Froehlich (Zurich)
Ansel (Berlin) ...had to leave before the 2nd "open forum" but applied for the job and was presented by Austin
Biker Bill (Edmonton)
Austin Horse (NYC)
Richard (Krakow)

I'm a missing someone? 

Whatsoever... it seems to be a little unclear what their responsibility and tasks will be. Anyway here is one minimal request I'd like to address towards the council: It should be the council members' responsibility to make sure the open forum happens properly. I don't know if we can expect a lot of activity from the council the next year but please, dear council members, before the next CMWC (Chicago) takes place get in contact with each other, inform each other who will actually attend CMWC and in case you feel there won't be enough council members present at the CMWC ...delegate...but make sure someone will be in charge of it.

my 2 Zlotys

Luk 10

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> Lusanne.
> although, technically, according to ifbma bylaws, there still has to be a
> vote of confidence taken in chicago, where technically it could be voted
> down resulting in no cmwc in 2013. but that of course won't happen, and to
> me, highlights one of the flaws in the current system used to select cmwc
> host cities. this topic has been brought up in the past , and discussed
> briefly in warsaw, but no decision was taken. i'm pretty sure the system for
> selecting the nacccs was changed so that while initial bids are still put in
> 2 years in advance, all bidding cities granted a vote of confidence have 1
> year to do as much preparation as possible and are then expected to put in a
> final bid the year beforehand, where a final vote is taken. it is very
> important that the ifbma do a better job with next year's open forums. i
> also believe they are looking for people to fill spots on the council. could
> anyone confirm who is on the council now? thanks.
> --
> az
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