Re: [messengers] CMWC 2013?

Date: 7 Aug 2011 13:37:42 +0200
From: stefan vis <fishmeisterasd@xxxxxxxxx>

hey there. thanks for the nice time.

i would also like to join, but i have refused to do it on the open forums. i
dont think it should be an 'elected'  'council' of elite. but a group of
people who love to do somthing for this cummunity.

anyway, it doesnt work like that (yet), so i would like to join through this
way, and i know of some other people who like to join aswell.

so from the start, here is my thought a council should look like:

a council should be a group of people taking various jobs not to preserve
but to make sure the CMWC is going to be a succes.
The council shouln't be as i say a jedi council, but to have a councelling
job. (this is what i proposed on the open forum of the ecmc freiburg 1999,
and it got boooed away for hierarchy reasons, yet the hierachy is there).
i think the council therefore shoulnt be 'chosen' but we assign jobs and
people can take the spot, having been on the last open forum or not, as long
as you have been to, for instance 3 cmwc's and or organized one or about to
organize one.

for instance i like to join the 'council' to work on races, and to see if
things would work out, hopefully with my concept of making races, which
leaves heaps of playroom for everyone involved in organizing the races. or
you could call this 'race coordinator'. here is dont have a higher rank than
anyone, just making sure things work out.
also making sure there is a program, and things actually happen, site
building, give tips where to put stages, beertents, maybe a dispatch tent.
making sure not too much money is spend on things that wont get used. etc.
etc. so in the future we can have our social meeting party but also a great
event so sponsors would be able to commit to us.

so in this way we should form the 'council' (IMO)

the councilllers jobs should include:
racecourse and site coordination; letting organizers do whatever they want
to do but just help to think along if stuff is gonna work out according to
scoring; making sure the scoring keeps updated and useable for future
etc etc, everyone should be able to submit a job.

one of the jobs that the council needs to take up as a whole, is to make
sure events are looking good before they happen. so we can keep an eye on
the bids and help out as much as we can giving tips and tricks and maybe
step in to organize. it should be a must thatorganizers work together with
the council. its maybe too controlling for some, but i think its more making
sure things go right.

the bid process should also be looked at, the 2 years is ok, but i think
that all bidding cities should have the first year to come up with the final
bid, in this way we still able to give the last minute ideas a chance, but
we dont vote for something that doesnt have a bid on paper and just
promising free beer. i this way its also possible to not be present two
years before, just notifications will do and we give everyone the same
chance to come up with a great bid a year before. better chances better
so the actual voting is one year ahead, not two years.
there should be 3 voting processes. open forum 50% online 25% and voters
should have been on at least the last years cmwc registration list or any
other cmwc registration list.
and the last 25% vote (or a veto) is an extra controlling vote from all
council members. (so there is the problem just getting the job or being
voted for) but this vote is just to make sure that at least some people have
been reading the bids.

also the bids should be online to read a month before the cmwc. its
importtant so any group has the same chance. and ofcourse 1 year before
there should be one representative at the open forum underbuilding their
bid. i just want to try to rule out 'friendly votes', because the best bid
should win, even when there is only one unknow representative.

open forums should at least have one ringleader to make sure we follow
topics and we can go fast through any items. maybe its the best if the
second open forum happens before the main race finals. but lets keep it
close to the action.

last thing, why does lcef have shirt for sale and hats?(because they are
cool) and the ifbma not.
this is the best way to make some money. i heard of some fee from the
registration, but i dont think its a good plan, it sounds mandatory, and we
wanna be free, so i think donations, parties and shirts are the answer.

i am sure there is more. but maybe everyone who is intersted in a job in the
council without getting voted for and ofcourse also the voted ones should
drop their idea in a thread, and hope they all end up in the same place. so
we can reform this whole being and make ourselves important. so lets keep it
all in the open and dont put it on closed council meetings. so people can
see whats going on.

hope it doesnt sound too populistic.

2011/8/4 Michael Dodd <mikeydodds@xxxxxxxxx>

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