[messengers] Grand Re-Opening of Messengers.org

Date: 7 Aug 2011 17:23:41 +0200
From: Biker Bill <zxmessenger@xxxxxxxxxxx>

At the 2010CMWC Open Forum in Guatemala, on behalf of Yogi and
myself, accepted the job to get access and  redevelop the website on behalf of the IFBMA. We managed over the year to track and trace the passwords, permissions and log in's down, formally archived it off site, paid and configured a new server and have been doing quite a bit of work up to this point and presented this letter to the 2011CMWC Warsaw open forum as an update and announcement of the Grand Re-Opening and officially announced one week ago at the Awards Ceremony in Warsaw Poland.  Na zdrowie!! 


Messengers.org lives…


All of the original information regarding bylaws and such
remain word for word and also archived off site. The format and supporting
server software however have been changed and updated. Wordpress was our
platform of choice which will make admin work easier by being stable enough to
make changes on the fly from any computer and have room for future
technological growth.


Messengers.org historically, was an accurate source of
information and contacts for the once “underground network”, which really was
it’s wealth back in the day. Being able to make contact and share in each
cities own unique problems and good ideas, which has been helped by the several
great mailing lists we have enjoyed over the years. But messengers.org helped
chart our subterranean social scene and really was the hub, which is why we
feel this project was worthy of attention and an overhaul.


The good news is that we finally have an open door and a
green light and a couple of guys willing to do the work (Yogi and I) and we are
working to rebuild it to it’s former glory, to once again be a good source of
information and resources for messengers as well as a great place to hold our
historic archives and promote global messenger relationships and events.


It is bare bones at this point and we need all of your help,
our first call out and the next section we want to get up and running needs your
BMA Contact information and logo. 


We would like to see the following information from each cities Bicycle Messenger Association, if you currently do not have one set up in your city ask us how.


BMA Name:

Contact names:

Contact emails:

Website: (if you don’t have one we can help you with this)

Phone/Fax Number: (including country code)

Mailing Address:

BMA Graphic: (You can send us your logo in pretty much any
format you have it in and we will make it work) Don't have one we can help with that as well


Only the BMA name, graphic and agreed contact website or
email will be posted to the site, the other info is to make our job easier, and
help update the private IFBMA rolodex. Don’t make us come looking for you
because, we will!! We really need your help!

After the BMA Section has been started we will be looking for all your CMC
archives and then we will develop the media and link areas including a user
moderated section where you will be able to post your local events, ideas, pictures and artwork, coming soon.


Please reply to this email or my email address zxmessenger@xxxxxxxxxxx with your BMA
information and we will begin building it.


We look forward to your responses,

BikerBill & Yogi