[messengers] INDIES: web waybills

Date: 10 Aug 2011 01:03:16 +0200
From: Tom O <zontique@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi everyone,

Indies and aspiring indies, anyone has a ready-to
use online waybill system? I mean not a thing you buy in a box (i.e.
courier complete, etc) nor something you rent, like digital waybill?

ve developed  a sceleton system that takes orders, allows customers to
print waybills, order history, and emails them to a pre-set email

So anyone wants to share notes, let me know. I am not posting the url for security reasons - talk to me off the list.

I sawfolks with concession stands at earlier cmwcs, but that was more like a franchise, which is quite different from an indy model.
What are peeps in Boston doing for receptionnist/waybills? Is Boston still the capital of indies, now that they have the stanley cup?

P.S. I havent been following the list for awhile, so my apologies if its off the subject /  format.