Re: [messengers] CMWC 2013?

Date: 10 Aug 2011 14:34:23 +0200
From: Shawn bega Blumenfeld <shawnbega@xxxxxxxxx>

i made a great bike thief until i got, shall we say, asked nicely by
the swiss mafia to find another line of work.

hey bill - im not trying to bring up any ideas! :)

i believe its extremely important that each cmwc is produced and
managed locally. sure, some of them should and do seek help from the
international community, especially experienced cmc hosts, but that
help should only be advisory unless asked otherwise . as outsiders to
the local organization, we should give of ourselves and our expereince
as much as is asked of us, but not more. it is the responsibility of
the local messengers to run and host the event, and if they feel the
need to put someone else in charge of something, as they put me in
charge of main race results this year, that needs to be up to the
hosts and not forced upon them.

i get worried everytime i hear of standardization,  formulas,
committees to run certain aspects of the event. i love the uniqueness
every year, the new flavor the entire event takes on. when i watch
(which i do, really) the timbersports sereis on espn2, i am struck by
the fact that they havent done a new event in 20 years. that all
events have the same rules everytime, that its the same number of saw
strokes to cut through the same width wood as it was decades ago. then
im struck by the lack of real lumberjacks in the competition. they're
not even "ex-lumberjacks". appearently, there is no party afterwords.
the timbersports series has been hijacked by the committee that
standardized the event.

our uphill time trials dont have standard distances. our track stands
can have different number of minutes until you release your left foot.
our race has different numbers of checkpoints and manifests, different
rules, different gadgets and gimmicks, each and everytime and i hope
we never stop designing new and fun ways to test ourselves as both
messengers and idiots.  and i love the one time events unique to many
cmc's like this years mirror bash and my favorite all time, the team
relay thats poppeed up a couple of times. and i love the different
party atmospheres that truly take on the flavor of the local messenger
community. could you imagine if we drank the same beer every year? or
had the same music? should we standardize the dj?

legitamcy in final results and the title of champion may itself be a
different issue than the function of the event. in both 2011 and 2010,
i was faced with some kind of protest challenging the result of a main
race title. both years,  certain racers were beyond satisfaction, and
despite my going to great lengths to verify the result, well, you cant
make everyone happy. ultimately, as an individual, it is very
difficult to have the  last word fall on me. by what mandate have i
been given the right to decide the fate of the title? especially when
opinion, not direct evidence must be used in part of the judgement?
in both cases, i made the decision, then told the unsatisfied party
that the ifbma council was the representative body that oversees the
race, and there was nothing else i could do to continue the
investigation, and they were the only next recourse if they didnt
trust the result. at certain cmc's in the past, some kind of ifbma
overjudge was specifically assigned to be the final word if necessary.
i have been amazed over the years, both when i have been responsible
for results and when others have been responsible, at how often
opinion is part of the decision as to who won the race.

i think whats really needed is a better guideline for hosts as to what
is , for lack of a better term, "minimally acceptable" for a cmc to be
considered a success. i think our guidelines now are not specific
enough to make the masses happy, and that too often certain things get
looked over as less important by the hosts when the messengers (lets
not forget the messengers) feel its more important. examples, not
specifics: do the events need to start on time? do results need to be
posted in a certain way and do they need all of the places? for all
events or is only the main race important? do the parties need to
allow illegal drugs? does the group meal need to be a sitdown or a
buffett? what level of communication is expected with the
participants? the messengers back home? do you expect a tshirt? how
much racing is enough for the non-qualifier? do prizes need to go to a
certain place?  while id love to see a better minimal standards list
if you will, i hope to never see anything that standardizes the race
or its formula and style, and certainly nothing that ever standardizes
the atmosphere newly created every year.

Shawn "bega" Blumenfeld
email: shawnbega@xxxxxxxxx
skype: shawn.bega

On Sun, Aug 7, 2011 at 10:27 AM, Biker Bill <zxmessenger@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
. Another good example in the same way is we need an "official"
results team (as you mentioned) and I have spoken to Bega who brought
the idea up in regards to this and you would also be a good candidate
to be involved as well to be sure the results and placing are true and
can not or have not been hi-jacked which we have been very lucky with
so far