Re: [messengers] CMWC 2013?

Date: 10 Aug 2011 16:27:29 +0200
From: Biker Bill <zxmessenger@xxxxxxxxxxx>

From Bega:
> hey bill - im not trying to bring up any ideas! :)
> i believe its extremely important that each cmwc is produced and
> managed locally. sure, some of them should and do seek help from the
> international community, especially experienced cmc hosts, but that
> help should only be advisory unless asked otherwise . as outsiders to
> the local organization, we should give of ourselves and our expereince
> as much as is asked of us, but not more. it is the responsibility of
> the local messengers to run and host the event, and if they feel the
> need to put someone else in charge of something, as they put me in
> charge of main race results this year, that needs to be up to the
> hosts and not forced upon them.
I agree, but I feel there is some importance in having someone on behalf of the IFBMA invovled not as a race organizer. The race concept would be explained to them fully and would then be able to work with the host city to be invloved in overseeing the results and helping should any mediation or official decision be needed as well as adding to the legitimacy to the title.  I think the greater percentage of people attending don't care about the main race results and it is a holiday as well as an adventure in a new place with old friends. But to the smaller percentage that train for it and are serious about winning we need to provide someone with a firm understanding of the race design and pointing system (however it is configured) that is also removed from the organizing crew to be there to legitimize all decisions. Not that many care what the outside world thinks, poor or unfare results could affect how future sponsorship involvment gets involved and how the event is percieved which directly affects the future of the event as well as those Cities who are bringing it to their hometown. In Edmonton we appointed John Kenda as our Race Official who worked with our design and brought Seng Chen into the results team and made our "concept" not only better but also added the experience we would not of known we needed until it was to late. A good example of this is Seattle, as you may remember our accounting firm we had to put together to process the "payroll", delaying results which would of worked way better had we known it was needed months prior... This is what I was reffering to. As far as not trying to bring up ideas, I wish you would! :) BikerBill