Re: [messengers] Remarks to the CMWC-Mainrace-Results

Date: 13 Aug 2011 15:23:16 +0200
From: stefan vis <fishmeisterasd@xxxxxxxxx>

hey there, i am happy shawn takes this. i can imagine that the the last
manifest delivery was a mess because no one could keep anything dry anymore
so i guess that some manifest were hard to read. so then its easy that
something maight have gone wrong there, but bega is investigating as you
read so i trust thta the results will be adjusted again.

you have to understand that we were trying to run this race as good as we
could at the moment because we were missing some resources and the security
checkpoint made the race 3 times longer then originally planned, the race
was supposed to last 4-5 hours, but i cut it short becuase of the rain.

next time i will go back to my original plan as i had myself pursued again
to make some changes which are changing the way the race is supposed to run.
that is more manifests in the first sequence so more split up and more drops
in total. this is why i should persist in running the race in the way its
supposed to and listen to ideas from other people to put in the race as
tricks, but i stronly recommend that next time i make some decicions in the
end, and that means the security checkpoint is not on the manifests anymore
as they did now, the drop adresses will all be blank untill pick up and all
the manifests will have 3 drops. this is the most simple and most
interesting and most fair way to make this race and i hope future organizers
can and will trust me that i am right about what i do, because it was
already tried out.

anyway, i am very grateful and honoured to make bega happy with a database
that works but to run this more proper we will need to use some more
computers and work out better software so its all easier to work with and so
that mistakes wont be happening. please understand that this was a 'beta'
for an even better race in the future and i hope people will keep enjoi\ying
it  and using this database for most cmc races. and your doubts are more
than welcome because it helps us to make the database even better. you will
get your proper spot in the results i trust bega to find that out because i
have no idea how it all works yet.


2011/8/12 Shawn bega Blumenfeld <shawnbega@xxxxxxxxx>

> i took this protest very seriously, and over several days did as much
> investigating as i could, including asking several potential witnesses
> what they thought they might have heard, but i turned up no evidence
> that led me to think the title should be overturned. both the data and
> my inspection of the manifests on the finish and my reinspection of
> certain applicable manifests again at the hotel before the awards all
> point to our result being correct. my conversations with several
> people over the next several days lead me to believe the results are
> correct.
> sevi is welcome to tell the story that he feels he got robbed, but i
> have no evidence besides his story alone that the result we turned out
> is untrustworthy. i feel i gave the protest just attention, and took
> the investigation as far as i could, and only stopped once i was fully
> satisfied that we got it right.
> --
> Shawn "bega" Blumenfeld
> email: shawnbega@xxxxxxxxx
> skype: shawn.bega
> mobile/text: 1-202-345-1177
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> On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 3:41 PM, drazek//TIMEBOMB <drazek@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> > bega, fish,
> > it was yours main race.
> > I think its up to you...
> > let me know....
> >
> >
> > On Aug 10, 2011, at 11:57 PM, wundertroll wrote:
> >
> > Hello again,
> >
> > my email was rejected from the emailaddress council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I
> don't
> > know how to contact the ifbma-board in another way, so I ask you guys to
> > forward my message.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Sevi
> >
> > Am 10.08.2011 23:27, schrieb wundertroll:
> >
> > Hello everybody,
> >
> > This email addresses the IFBMA-council, but also the organizers of the
> > 2011. The mailaddress of Fish is missing, as I couldn't find it.
> >
> > As far as I know, Shawn Bega  informed you about my doubts regarding the
> > results of the CMWC mainrace in Warsaw and also about his investigations
> of
> > this issue. I don't exactly know what he told you, so I try to keep my
> > statement as short as possible. If anyone is interested, I can give an
> even
> > more detailed description.
> >
> > The official results say Michael Brinkmann finished the 13th manifest
> when
> > mine had one run missing. No penalties for either of us. Michael handed
> in
> > his last manifest as nr. 855, I handed in my last manifest as nr. 884
> (well,
> > there is still the question what happened to the manifests number 857 an
> 868
> > because they are not in the list).
> >
> > Still I strongly doubt the results for two resasons:
> >
> > I know I was ahead of Michael on the race course . Shwan told me that the
> > records show that he overtook me at the last - 13th - manifest, finishing
> > all runs on the manifest, me only finishing 3 runs and also putting
> almost
> > 30 people between us. I think this could be  proved as almost impossible
> if
> > you have an exact look on the incoming list of the manifests watching
> > Michaels time it took him to officially finish manifest 13, regarding he
> was
> > queuing up to hand it in for some minutes.
> > Michael told me directly after he had finished, that he finished just 2
> runs
> > on the last manifest (he said it also to my friend Florian Kraschitzer
> when
> > queuing up in front of him) because he was stressed missing the cut off
> > limit at 5 o'clock p.m. race time. He repeated it when we were waiting
> > together for the award ceremony, chatting for about 20 minutes.
> >
> > Officially he finished manifest 13. I'm just 100 % sure he didn't. I also
> > wrote him an email. He's now talking about 2 runs he wanted to do on
> > manifest 14 and also about hecticness after the race so that he said
> > something wrong (I can forward you his email in German). To me he seemed
> to
> > be very clear and straight at that moment after the race - as one is when
> > racing for a little less then 3 hours, finishing almos 13 manifests.
> Well,
> > total bullshit in my opinion. I think he handed in his 13th manifest with
> > two runs missing (as I am sure he didn't pass checkpoint Twarda St. 23 -
> > Pzkur, and so he also didn't finish the delivery to checkpoint 24,
> Herold)
> > as he said after the race. I guess the race-crew didn't recognise, that
> it
> > was not finished - as everything was quite stressfull and wet - and
> marked
> > it as complete (there were all 4 pick ups at Twarda St. 3 - Timebomb, so
> > there were already many marks on it). I told the guy at the computer that
> I
> > had finished 3 runs, he checked it and wrote it down.
> >
> > The whole issue is very depressing to me and I don't want to start any
> > personal quarrel with Michael. I accept that he was taking the chance of
> a
> > bureaucratical error and now telling a story, differing from what
> happened
> > and what he was saying after the race. I guess, to him the title is
> really
> > important.  To free me from the whole affair, there is only one thing I
> can
> > do (as I can not show any evidence for my claim - except the possibility
> of
> > a detailed study of the list of incoming manifests and the word of my
> friend
> > Florian): I put back my second place. I strongly ask you to respect my
> > decision and delete me from all result lists of the CMWC. I also ask the
> > Polish guys to give me a mail-address, so I can send back the prize I
> got.
> >
> > It is now up to the council to have a close look at the results or leave
> > them as they are. If you have any further questions, please ask me.
> >
> > I hope you don't regard me as the crazy one now! Thanks for your time and
> > also for a great weekend with a challenging race, much fun participating,
> > drinking beer and taking part in a unique messenger-event!
> >
> > Sevi/Wundertroll from Graz
> > race number 215
> >
> >
> >
> >