[messengers] SuiCMC 2011

Date: 17 Aug 2011 13:39:26 +0200
From: Luc Unternährer <luc_beson@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear messengers worldwide!

We proudly present the:

11th Suisse Cycle Messenger Championships 2011

on september 23rd/24th/25th. It would be awesome to meet lots of you in the indian summerish 
City of Zurich, Switzerland! There are only 5½ weeks left, but we're pretty positive to deliver you
an event in a class of it's own. Free accommodation and lots of cold beer is guaranteed aswell. 

For further information & registration check: 


Ride fast. Ride safe.

The exited SuiCMC Organising Committee

PS: the rumour mill is in full spin about fondue, but it isn't confirmed yet really.