Re: [messengers] Bike messenger software?

Date: 20 Sep 2011 03:07:04 +0200
From: "Yogi @ SYDBMA" <yogi@xxxxxxxxxx>

Working on it as we speak......

it will be free for the first 20 jobs a month.. after that it will cost you
a little (not a lot) so it will be close to free...   and once it gets used
and makes you cashish it will cost you.

Anyway it is in the pipeline.. it will be Android made with WEBKIT so it
might work on all browsers on mobile devices..


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> But does the "new breed" know any softwares (free or cheap) that can
> handle dispatching, signing and once a month invoicing by pressing
enter. It
> needs
> to android on mobile.

Don`t know what you mean by "It needs to (RUN?) android on mobile", but
Berlin based Fahrwerk courier collective is getting a new software in end
of september. If you would like, and if my colleagues agree, you could
have a look.


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