[messengers] BARRYCAT / SUICMC11

Date: 21 Sep 2011 00:23:20 +0200
From: karin <halcyon_@xxxxxxx>

Barry, one of Dublins messengers, had a really bad accident at the beginning of this years CMWC 11 in Warsaw. He got a broken leg, skull fractures and even suffered a pneumonia while he was in coma. After some weeks in the hospital in Poland, he was stable enough to get moved to Ireland, where he has company from his family and friends. Now he's recovering slowly, starts talking again and moving his leg... 

As a big messenger-community we want to help fundraising money for Barry and his family. Our "Barrycat" should show our support for Barry...

Come and race at the SUIsseCycleMessengerChampionships!! 
Start 9pm / Binz / CHF 5.- (all the money goes straight to Dublin!)



See you there!