[messengers] Please take part: Questionnaire concerning "urban cycling and bike messengers"

Date: 25 Sep 2011 16:32:48 +0200
From: Sander von Lingelsheim <s.v.lingelsheim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear Sir or Madam,
Hey Bicycle couriers, messengers and enthusiasts,
Hello "Courier Shacks"!

My name is Sander and I'm studying Arts Management in Potsdam, Germany. At the moment I am writing my diploma thesis dealing with "Urban cycling and bicycle messengers".

I created a short (and hopefully interesting) questionnaire to collect statistical data. The completion will only take a few minutes, but will generate a heap of usable outcomes.

I am asking you to fill in the questionnaire and to act as disseminators: please forward the link to everyone who might be interested: in general everyone who regularly rides bicycles in a city, which of course also includes "non-messengers" (e.g. urban cyclists, companies, forums, clubs).

The questionnaire will be active until 20th of October. Of course I will send the outcomes to you if you wish. 

The more people fill it out, the more meaningful the results will be! 

Now here's the link for the online version of the survey (in German and English language). 


Thanks a lot in advance!
Best regards and always ride save!


Sander von Lingelsheim

professional event technican
student of arts manangement + cultural work