[messengers] Fw: Road Rights -Courier union drive wo n’t be curbed

Date: 20 Oct 2011 01:46:24 +0200
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Separate interviews, same article, Keith. 

I still think the best way to improve pay and working conditions was/is to decide municipally that all downtown small package/document delivery be done via active transport exclusively. By raising the demand for foot, bike and transit messenger services and increasing market share for safer, more efficient, more sustainable goods delivery practices, we all win.

Of course, H&C was talking about this as far back as the late 90's as well. Nobody in power was interested, but I have raised the issue again a couple times in conversation with Rob Ford recently. He has at least listened, eh?

Maybe it is an idea whose time has finally come. Hope so. 

"A great job. A great community," indeed!!!!!  ( :-)

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Funny how time and company blur after time;) Sorry for omitting you from my nostalgic remembrances Wayne. Seriously though...I would still be on the road today if it payed what it should. A great job. A great community. Travelling the world to races and meetings colleagues from other countries. I'm wellin' up. I miss it but certainly don't miss the pay-cheques. 

What up MO! Punch Dustin in the arm for me.

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