[messengers] 19th annual berlin hallowe'en race

Date: 2 Nov 2011 17:45:43 +0100
From: "berlinmassive in the house..." <totallymassive@xxxxxxxxxx>

puuuuh what a day!

 we had 147 racers, on a monday night...

 1. roman, cosmo kurier berlin
 2. pete nice, messenger berlin
 3. stefan
 4. chrizault
 5. christoph, ex-bo kurier berlin
 7. gonzo kai, first ex-messenger
 8. willem, fahrwerk berlin
 9. stahu, warsaw car killers (1st outta town!)
 10. kevin melchert suffke superstar extravaganza, lrt kurier again!


 1. sandra
 2. winnie
 3. suse
 4. pheline
 5. luise leipzig
 6. bera bella italia
 7. shannon, breakaway couriers nyc
 8. nani
 9. elisa
 10. alexandra

 1st out of town stahu warsaw
 best dressed anselm ex-bo berlin
 dfl jaeger came during the awards, drinking while riding cargo bike...

 see you all next year for the 20th anniversary, wednesdays october 31st 2012, be there...!

 nadir! thanks for the props!