[messengers] calendar

Date: 28 Dec 2011 17:25:06 +0100
From: Andy Zalan <zalandy@xxxxxxxxx>

Merry, happy all that to everybody!
For Christmas I got everybody a 2012 calendar, featuring polaroids I took
at the CMWC in Warsaw. The only catch is you gotta go to
www.andyzalan.comand print it out for yourself (for best results have
a copy place print it
out for you). As in the past, I made it in 3 different sizes. Legal sized
is the biggest, letter sized for those of you without any legal sized
paper, and A4 for all you non-North Americans (I even made the Euro version
so that the weeks start on Mondays instead of Sundays, as per Sinya's
request). I hope you like it.
See you next year.