[messengers] messengers of the world

Date: 4 Mar 2012 07:48:46 +0100
From: mike macca <mikemacca@xxxxxxxxx>


This email is to let all the messengers around the world know I am
leaving australia soon to travel most of this year, I was a messenger
for many years, but these days I paint a lot of walls, so I'm putting
this call out there if you have a large public wall and are keen for
it to have my art, or you have contacts at festivals / clubs etc, let
me know-
email me off list

I will be in Brazil soon for 3 months, then unsure but probably France
+ other parts of Europe .... and maybe New York.  I am hoping to get a
mural job through the Department of Transport, (DOT) in NY if anyone
has contacts there.

You can check out my art here:


hope to see some old friends somewhere...

Mike Maka