[messengers] Easter Mayhem Week-end Race, Pub Crawl, BBQ, and general Debauchery

Date: 3 Apr 2012 21:08:52 +0200
From: C Q <fixieman@xxxxxxxxx>

Hey there Folks

Been a long time since you visited Montreal?
what are you waiting for
Easter, Long weekend, perfect timing...
The weather is gonna be Great too Sun and more Sun !

I got people coming out form Halifax, Toronto, NYC, Philly, and I forget
where else...
Where is Ottawa?
where is Boston?
waiting for news, come on out and party

I'm working on places for everyone to crash
so if you are from out of town, and need a couch let me know
I should have more than enough spots for all manner of folks

There is going to be a great BBQ Sunday night at my favorite bar, there is
a terrace in the back and all, (smoking etc)
Also Bluegrass night at the same bar if you can still stand after 11pm
Only thing I ask is to know how many people will be still here for the BBQ
Sunday night
as it is Easter all will be closed Sunday, so I need to prepare in advance
Hopefully by Firday night people will let me know

Even if you were here for St-Pats, come on back, you'll love it

See ya'll soon

                        Chuck Q

Montreal Baby!!!

oh, yeah, here is the FB event page, in case I missed ya...