[messengers] EPIC Ride!!! Update:-)

Date: 1 May 2012 15:27:40 +0200
From: M Hafer <carbonfreecourier@xxxxxxxxx>

Good Morning from late-ville:-)
I want to let you guys know we are working to get a support vehicle for gear and sponsorship paraphernalia-
Also we are going to have some crazy guy with helmet cameras along to film -) Since chances are you make gear we use or things we consume or know someone who does heres a heads up>  A thousand miles of courier photo opps product exposure plus at events in exchange for a contribution to be used for promo and preen? Trying to be 1st ride you leave with more than you start with instead of other wayround> Love< Please hit me up if your down? Thanks , Morgan 13.0 > Cutters<