[messengers] press for chi town

Date: 9 May 2012 19:03:24 +0200
From: Shawn bega Blumenfeld <shawnbega@xxxxxxxxx>


from the united airlines magazine:

Fight to the Finish
In these four famously grueling races, the competition will be the
least of your problems

1. CYCLE MESSENGER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: No futuristic spandex here.
Encumbered with mail tubes and boxes shoved into nylon bags—preferably
coated in a layer of bike grease for authenticity—you’ll careen
through a complicated closed course in this international bike
messenger competition, held this year in Chicago. Aug. 3-5

2. MONGOL DERBY: You’ll need to channel your inner barbarian (or at
least a bit of madness) to complete this insane horse race covering
621 miles of the stark Mongolian steppe. Riders stop only to change
steeds—just as the warriors and messengers of Khan’s empire did. Aug.

3. MOLOKA’I HOE: The hula dancers and crowds cheering you to the
finish will seem a delirious mirage after the merciless waters of the
Kaiwi Channel, which separates Oahu from Molokai, do their best to
force your team’s vessel aground in the world’s premier outrigger
canoe race. Oct. 7

4. 2013 POLAR CHALLENGE: Hiking, climbing and skiing across the North
Pole’s seas of ice and frozen tundra while staving off fellow
competitors and polar bears sound like fun? If so, now’s the time to
put in an application for this extreme test of endurance—and start
stocking up on the Chap-Stick. April 12, 2013 —Felicia Campbell and
Hannah Serena Goldstein

Shawn "bega" Blumenfeld