[messengers] Travelling a broad

Date: 9 May 2012 21:06:21 +0200
From: Lane Dell <grubeegroova@xxxxxxxxx>

Hola all.
Lane here checking in from australia via londontown. I'm thinking of
hanging in the U.S. for a few months after cmwc. was wondering ifn any1 got
some couch/floor space for me in any of your fine cities and possibly a bit
of work. will work for beer and pizza.. or just beer. not sure exactly were
im headed just putting the feelers out. have half a mind to head back down
to mexico for some mescal and senoritas or maybe up to canadia. Hit me up
if u got room for me to come broaden my horizons in ur town. Either way
looking forward to seeing my messenger massive in Detroit Rock and Chi-Town
in a few months. Hope u all are well and raking in the $ $ bills.