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Date: 6 Jun 2012 12:58:48 +0200
From: M Hafer <carbonfreecourier@xxxxxxxxx>

Greetings from EPIC Ride/ Cutters Ride/ BMEF Awareness Ride:-)
MD @ Velocity signed on for sponsorship  and has 
thrown a Deep V Image Wheelset into the Raffle Pile- We are also splitting a day early-er from Richmond/ departing Tuesday July 17, DC the 18th. If your coming "Come On", this is a great chance to see some country/city you might not get a chance to see this way again. We are looking for a couple of cats for Support Vehicle Rotation preferably east coast originators (not mandatory)  wanting a cheaper funner way to get to Pre-event &  CMWC RT? Staht Packin and holler to let us know your on board driving riding or doing it like me? More sponsors coming and more reasons you should blow the current logic telling you " not to do this" Straight to Hell:-)  Camping Riding Being > there is nothing better for the Soul, come get some you know you want it? Limited Time Space Offer Thangy/-)
Morgan 13.0