[messengers] It's not you it's me.

Date: 6 Jun 2012 19:36:07 +0200
From: ridefast5@xxxxxxxxx

Your gonna miss Ridin around in dickies shorts, pullin wheelies out of corners as you sprint from a cop, all while the pretty secretaries scope your chiseled legs- vibe.
You'll be back because Bein on the street with such power just can't be replicated. 
You might make more money off the bike but you'll yearn to roll with the world.
Ever since Barcelona I've been trying to say goodbye. Having to provide for a Lil one finally took me away from riding. But here I am , back down town- racin around , divorced dad, exmessenger, international street racer. Still puttin it down because that's my truth. 
Stay up, keep riding. The messenger family is strong! 

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